How do I prepare for the Physical Fitness Test?

The LVPD utilizes the Cooper Institute Fitness Test for law enforcement. The assessment measures health related components to fitness. The testing standards are age and gender specific. The LVPD minimum standard for successful completion of the Physical Agility Test is a 40% level, with a required finish in all events. The Five Foot Agility Wall Climb and Dummy Drag are pass/fail and not included in the Cooper Test scoring. Cooper Standards Course: To pass, you must successfully get over the Five Foot Wall, complete the Dummy Drag in the allotted time, and score at least 40% in the Cooper activities, with at least one point in each. Go to the “Selection Process” tab for more information.

Five Foot Agility Wall Climb

Dummy Drag

Vertical Jump

1 Minute Sit-Up

1 Minute Push-Up

300 Meter Run

1.5 Mile Run

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