Tax Information

Hotel Occupancy Tax

The City Council has set a Hotel Occupancy tax at 5.0%.

Property Tax

The City Council sets the mill levy each year during the budget process. The City does not collect the property tax. Sarpy County sets the assessed valuations, sends the property tax statements and collects the taxes due. Please contact Sarpy County Assessor for any questions concerning the calculations, amounts due, due dates and valuations.

Sales Tax

The City of La Vista has a 2% sales tax rate that is collected by the State of Nebraska. 1% is used to fund general City services. ½% is for major street improvement projects and other capital expenditures and will sunset July 1, 2025.   In November 2022 the voters approved for this ½% to continue through July 1, 2040.

A ½% is for public infrastructure projects within the 84th Street Redevelopment Area and was voter approved May 13, 2014. 

Restaurants and Drinking Places Occupation Tax

The City of La Vista has a Restaurants and Drinking Places Occupation Tax of 1% of gross sales which applies to places such as cafés, bakeries, coffee shops, food trucks, caterers and restaurants or drinking places in grocery or convenience stores, and it applies to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.