A Minute with Mayor Kindig

Sixty years ago, a neighborhood of houses became the foundation of our City. Families moved in, excited about their first homes and future opportunities.

These men and women started down the path of creating a community, a difficult journey that required fortitude and hard work.

Our founding families exhibited the same characteristics as those who live here today: hard work, pride, and love of family. I couldn’t be more proud of what La Vista has become in just 60 years.

The City has experienced considerable changes during this time.

From our start as a small development with few residents and no tax base, to a dynamic, thriving city of 18,000, La Vista has grown to become a place where community isn’t just a word, it’s a way of life.

As we look at what’s ahead, you can be sure that adaptation and change will remain constant. In the near term, the 84th Street corridor and Civic Center/Central Park will continue to take shape, community events will transition to new spaces, recreation program offerings will be expanded, and we will be rolling out a brand strategy to enhance our community identity.

There is much to look forward to!

What remain unchanged are our people. We owe a debt of gratitude to the families who chose La Vista as their home in 1960; who knows what our future would have been without their efforts?