Temporary Signs

A temporary sign, as defined in the City’s zoning regulations, is a sign constructed of cloth, fabric, or other material with or without a structural frame intended for a limited period of display, including displays for holidays or public demonstrations. Portable signs are included. Temporary signs cannot exceed thirty-two (32) square feet (8’ X 4’ for example) and cannot be of such size, message, or character so to harm the public, health, safety, or general welfare.

Temporary signs cannot be in place for more than fourteen (14) consecutive days, except that real estate signs may be placed until the property sale is finalized and construction signs may be in place until that construction phase is completed, but must be located on the property under construction. With the exception of real estate and construction signs, temporary signs require a permit. No more than four (4) temporary sign permits can be issued for one property in a calendar year.

A general rule for the placement of a temporary sign is it cannot be in the right-of-way and so must be twenty-five (25) feet back from the street curb on major streets (72nd Street, Giles Road, and Harrison Street), fifty (50) feet back from the curb on 84th Street, and twelve (12) feet back from the curb on residential streets. This would mean at an intersection, attention would have to be paid to both streets involved in the placement of a temporary sign. In addition, signs may not be affixed to utility poles or trees. Signs must be on the premises that the signage is identifying or advertising for.

Signs which are illegally placed within the right-of-way or on utility poles are removed by the City and eventually disposed of. If you have a sign missing, you may contact Public Works at 402-331-8927. Violations of the sign regulations may affect the issuance of any future sign permits. For more sign information, please review the Zoning Ordinance.

Please go to the Permit Information page for application information.