Online Learning Tools

General Educational Resources

These resources provide coursework and supplemental information in a variety of subjects and grade levels.

Khan Academy is a free non-profit website that provides lessons for K-12 students. They have lessons in math, science, computer science, history, art, economics and more. College prep lessons are also available.

Khan Kids is a sister site to Khan Academy and is geared toward learners in Pre-K-1st grade.

ABCYA offers educational games for kids Pre-K-6th grade. The games are free to play, but there are subscription options for parents and teachers who may be interested in the extra features the company offers.

Leap Frog offers free printables, parent resources, and activities on their website. You will have to do some navigating to find what you are looking for, but pretty much everything under the "Learning Path" section is free.

Wonderopolis is a kids oriented website devoted to answering unusual questions. Every day a new "Wonder of the Day" is posted which answers a question, explores an idea, or gives some trivia. Kids can even post their own questions or upvote questions they want answered next. What is the most difficult instrument to play? Where do old airplanes go? Why are bowling shoes so slippery? You'll be able to find out on this site!

Sesame Street has been beloved by generations and their website continues to provide excellent educational games and activities for preschoolers and young students.

PBS Kids also offers learning tools for children. Kids can play games or watch videos that contain their favorite PBS characters like Arthur, Curious George, Daniel Tiger and more.

PBS Learning Media can be extremely useful for parents and teachers navigating the new age of e-learning. PBS has put together lessons for Pre-K -12th grade students for free. Supplemental videos and interactive online modules are already provided. Teachers can even share lessons directly to their google classroom from the site. 

Smithsonian Learning Lab is a free interactive platform for students, educators, and anyone who wants to learn. This website is based around the idea of creating knowledge collections. These collections are made up of various videos, pictures, and resources that are put together to focus on a topic or idea, like say... volcanoes!! It's a bit like visiting a museum without leaving your home. Users can create a free account and make their own collections or view the ones that others have already compiled.

English and Reading

Novelist K-8 Plus is provided by the La Vista Public Library for its patrons. It is an excellent resource for parents and kids who are looking for book recommendations. You can read reviews and see the most popular book award winners.

Magic Tree House Kids is a great place to visit if you love reading the Magic Tree House books. You can earn rewards and fill up your digital passport as you read the books. You have to earn your passport stamps by answering questions and completing missions. Mary Pope Osbourne has also posted some videos that feature fun activities families can to do together at home.

Storyline Online is a non-profit organization run by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. The website features free video readings of children's books. The presenters are usually celebrities, so parents might recognize some of the readers. You can also access activity guides for each book.

Science & Nature

NASA Kids' Club is the site to visit if you plan on learning about space. There are free activities and games to play as well as information about outer space. You can even watch NASA TV. (When not showing live coverage they run a variety of programs such as old missions or footage of the International Space Station)

NASA's main page also offers a plethora of resources that are more detailed. Older students might prefer navigating through this site to do their space research.

National Geographic Kids can bring the wonders of the natural world to your screen. Here you can learn animal facts, take quizzes, and check out their collection of weird but true videos.

Nebraska's State Parks provide you with information about our local ecosystem and wildlife, provide information on how to get hunting and fishing permits, supply maps and guides of our state parks and much more!

The National Parks  website is another great place to learn about nature. Plan your next park visit, read about national monuments, or check out their free junior ranger activities and videos.

iNaturalist is a smart phone app that allows users to record their discoveries of plant and wildlife. Learn about nature, ask other users for help in identifying a flower, and more! You can even help scientists with their projects by recording what your see. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.


Cool Math provides educational math and STEM based games for children. They also offer math explanations on pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus topics.

Prodigy is an online game that involves using math skills to level up your character, buy new items, and unlock new worlds. The game is free to play, but like many online games offers a subscription that gives players extra rewards. It offers difficulty levels up to 8th grade.

History & Social Studies

KidCitizen provides interactive learning videos to engage young students with history. Kids will explore civics and government topics as they analyze photos from the Library of Congress's archives and watch videos. The content is geared towards K-5 children.

Smithsonian History Explorer offers lessons, informational videos, and a digital museum artifact gallery.

DPLA (Digital Public Library of America) is a non-profit library that offers free digital museum exhibits and primary source materials. They have information on a wide range of topics such as the Gold Rush, the start of the American Red Cross, the birth of the comic book superhero and much, much more.

Art and Culture 

Google Arts & Culture offers museum walkthroughs, interactive tours, and digital art galleries of famous works. They also offer an app for smart devices. We would encourage parents to view any tours ahead of time as more mature exhibits may be on display in any given museum.

The National Gallery of Art created an interactive kids app for exploring famous art pieces. NGAkids Art Zone  is available only on iPads.

The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History provided by the MET museum is a great way to explore art history from the comforts of home. The "chronologies" section of the site allows you to pick a continent then select a time period to view what art pieces were created at that time in that part of the world.


MusOpen provides a royalty free selection of sheet music, recordings and textbooks for public use.

Music Notes Now sells sheet music, but also has some free stuff on their website that is worth a look. They offer beginning instructions on how to read sheet music, how to learn piano keys, and other musical tips for musicians and singers.

Simplifying Theory offers lessons on music theory. 12 modules are included and include topics for both beginner and advanced learners. From learning what musical notes are to how to do improvisation, this website is a great resource for students 12+.

8-bit Music and Scruffy  are both YouTube channel that analyze music in video games. Want to know why Mario music is so fun? Watch their videos to learn something new.

Sideways creates videos that look at sound design in movies. Why does Pixar music make you cry? Watch to find out!

Guitareo is a YouTube channel that offers some great videos to watch for students looking to learn the guitar.

Justin Guitar has a website that offers 1,247 free lessons and 625 free songs for learning the guitar and ukulele.

Ukulele Tricks provides some free videos for beginners looking to learn the ukulele.


Bill Hilton has recorded some free instructional videos on his YouTube channel on learning the piano. 

Pianote is also a good YouTube channel to follow for some free piano lesson videos.

Creative Piano Academy is a great place to look for videos on warmup routines and practice exercises for learning the piano. Practice makes perfect after all!