Help Contain this Virus

It’s up to us to take simple steps to protect our families and communities from COVID-19. If you are ill, stay home. Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds. In stores and at gatherings, social distance when you can; wear a mask when you can’t. We all want to get back to normal, but this pandemic is not over. By following COVID-19 guidance, we can reduce its impact on our communities.

FACEBOOK Social Distancing Dino

You know, Dino, right? He's the lovable green dinosaur who made a miraculous return to our community a couple years ago. Well, we've temporarily changed his name to Distancing Dino, because it turns out he's the perfect length for modeling social distancing. If you can, please stay home, but if you have to go out, please stay one Dino away from others.