Streetscape Plan Public Meetings

The design process for the Corridor 84 Streetscape Plan will take place over the next four months, during which time there will be two opportunities for the public to review design concepts and provide feedback.

The first public meeting took place on Tuesday, November 14, at City Hall. This meeting summarized the existing conditions of the project area and presented some initial concepts for the corridor. Additionally those in attendance had the opportunity to provide live feedback using digital voting devices.

View a digital copy of the presentation given at the meeting (PDF).

View a digital copy of the boards that were available at the end of the meeting (PDF). These boards will be available for the public to view at the Community Center through the end of November.

The second public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, at 6 p.m. at City Hall (8116 Park View Boulevard). This meeting will present a preferred design for the project area, using feedback from the first public meeting. This will be the opportunity to provide input and feedback prior to the preparation of detailed construction plans.

Refreshments will be served at each public meeting.

View a digital copy of the presentation given at the meeting (PDF).