Hometown Heroes Banner Program


The City of La Vista is proud to present the La Vista Hometown Heroes Banner Program. The program gives citizens of La Vista the opportunity to honor residents or their family members that have served our country in any branch of thLa Vista Hometown Heroes, Charles A. Lausten WWII US Marine Corpse military.

Each banner measures 80" long by 30" wide. All of the banners will be unique to the specific service member honored and will show their picture, name, era of service and branch of service. Banners will be displayed on utility poles along 84th Street in La Vista. This year the banners will be displayed through Labor Day.

Sponsorships for the banner program are $175 which covers the cost of the banner, installation materials and maintenance. Banners are guaranteed to be displayed a minimum of 2 seasons.

Applications for the 2019 banners are now available (PDF)!

For further information regarding the La Vista Hometown Heroes banner program please contact the La Vista Police Department at 402-331-1582.

View the 2019 application (PDF).